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How to Consistently Close High-Ticket Clients

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Do it right and your first big client will be the first of many.

Closing new sales is an important part of growing a business. Success generating and closing leads is a solid indicator of where your business is going. As entrepreneurs, our focus can be one-sided. We focus on the product or service we’re building. While we’re building our masterpieces, who will buy what we’ll sell is often neglected.

In building an audience and potential list of buyers, we want to target higher-end clients. We want those paid-in-full, five-and-six-figure clients. One high-end sale can stabilize your cash flow and fund future growth. Working with higher-end clients often leads to more business through access to their network.

Here are some things you can do right now to land this type of client. To close a next-level client you’ll need next-level infrastructure in your business. Here are three tactics that will help you close large deals and create momentum in your business.

1. Make your messaging crystal clear. 

Desislava Dobreva is known as the “Branding Queen.” With a social media presence of over 100,000 engaged fans, a wait list for her courses and services, and experience helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses, she’s landed high-end clients consistently.

She says branding is the most underrated way to attract the right people, at the right time. She says that a lot of business owners hold the idea that branding is unnecessary or something they don’t need to focus on just yet, but the truth is, branding is the best long-term strategy you can have.

Don’t try to attract everyone, because you can’t. Going deep in a “niche,” laser-focuses your marketing and lead generation. You can speak to a focused audience about solving their specific pain points. You can speak directly to those high-end clients and address their biggest problems. That gets their attention.

Get more clarity with your branding and messaging. Hire professionals if you have to. High-end clients and large companies work with entrepreneurs and businesses that have specific messaging, a strong foundation and clear expertise that addresses a practical solution to their issues.

2. Market to human behavior.

Katya Varbanova is an expert in the study of human personal typing. She also has a large social media following and is the CEO of 20K Nation. She helps entrepreneurs create $20,000 in revenue a month consistently and then scale to seven-figures and beyond.

She says one of the biggest discoveries that she’s consistently used in her marketing has been the science of human nature (or personality typing). She (and the data) contends that every single buyer on the planet has a specific personality type with specific most compatible types that they are most likely to say YES to.

The secret sauce that has led to explosive growth in her business is diving deeper into personality types and how her business can help the most compatible types to her.

Doing these studies helps entrepreneurs identify high-end clients and address their biggest insecurities. An entrepreneur can then use that information strategically to attract high-end clients that are compatible personality types. They’re most likely to say YES to your offers.

Create content that will resonate only with the highest compatibility people. Attract them and speak to them in a way they understand. Study

3. Develop a CEO mindset.

High-end clients are attracted to fellow leaders and entrepreneurs who understand the CEO mindset. They want to hire someone that owns and manages a business, not someone that’s built a business that operates like their job.

The CEO mindset means you hire the right team, contractors, and partners long before you hit a point of growing pains. You want to build your business based off of where you’re going, not where you are now. Putting measures in place to smoothly handle growth.

When you have the CEO mindset, you put out a different vibe and energy. High-end clients, and customers in general, pick up on what your body language and words are putting out. If you’re desperate for business, the potential client can sense that and it’s likely to repel them. High-end clients especially want to do business with successful entrepreneurs.

Be the boss. Act like the boss. Put out a boss vibe. Don’t “fake it until you make it.” Just make it and let potential customers see that you’ve leveled up your mindset.

Your business deserves high-end clients and booking them consistently. The good news is that you can make that your reality. Use these three strategy shifts to attract larger deals and clients that show up ready to do business.

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