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How to Keep Track of Your SEO Campaign

By May 22, 2019 No Comments
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People use Google and other search engines as their primary tools of research, but as we all know, the best results are almost always on the first and second pages. Therefore, it’s crucial that you find a way to get your link on those lists as this will ensure that you have the highest CTR possible.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when building up an SEO campaign is that you need to set up a way to track and monitor your progress. If you don’t know your current standing, it’s almost impossible to figure out what to do in order to improve your website’s performance. Therefore, you need to set up a way to keep track of your KPIs to ensure that you have a direction for your campaign.

With that said, here are three tips on how to monitor the progress of your overall campaign:

  1. Use Google Analytics to Track the Top Metrics

Whenever you’re looking to launch a marketing campaign, the first thing you need to remember is that you must always look for a way to improve on what you have. Metrics and analytics will be able to tell you all you need to know about the direction of your campaign.

It’s imperative that you keep an eye on your metrics to understand what you need to do to improve. For example, if your website ranks highly on specific keywords but your conversion rates are still low, you should be able to deduce that your issue is poor CTA design. This will give you an idea of the adjustments you can make to your campaign to ensure that you see more success in the future.

  1. Track Your Rankings on All the Relevant Keywords

SEO is all about managing your keywords and ranking for the ones that have the potential to have a higher search volume in the future. Sure, you may have already found keywords that work well for your business, but it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for other opportunities to improve your ranking.

Think about it this way: If you reach the maximum capacity of one keyword, that’s all the ROI you’re going to get. If you rank highly on multiple relevant keywords, however, you will be able to enjoy a wider reach. Greater visibility will help you present yourself as a leading figure in your industry, ensuring that you always remain relevant and competitive in an ever-shifting business landscape.

There are quite a number of free tools you can use to find new keywords. Google Trends is one of them. With the help of this tool, you can see exactly which keywords people are talking about and which demographics are looking it up frequently. This will make it easier for you to conduct research and find the best keywords for your next campaign.

  1. Find a Way to Improve Your Organic Traffic

While it’s essential to have some paid ads to supplement your traffic, it’s still crucial that you gain the majority of it from organic searches. This helps to ensure that people are really talking about your brand and that they are searching for you, which is the best way to guarantee that your brand is memorable.

You need to make sure that you make a habit of checking your organic traffic. This is always the best indication as to how well your SEO campaign is performing. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the guide down below:

  1. Go to Google Analytics and open up the Acquisitions tab.
  2. Go to All Traffic and then click on Channel
  3. You will see the channels you’re receiving the traffic from and learn what type of traffic it is, including whether it’s organic, direct, social, referral, or something else.

You can use this information to adjust your campaign to make sure that you’re getting as much organic traffic as possible.

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