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About Video Production.

We pride ourselves in creating high quality, affordable content. Our team of concept creators, producers, designers, animators, directors, copywriters, and editors are here to work with you to create engaging content that captures attention. Incorporating video into your content will help attract the customers you want and satisfy the ones you’ve got.

Our expert videographers produce any style of video from concept to production. Whether you’re showcasing an event, providing a virtual tour, vlogging, relaying instructions, want visual case studies, social media content, showcasing products, food films, music videos, or more! We’ll get it done.

What Are Corporate Videos?

Sophisticated corporate video content is great for building brand awareness, generating new leads or communicating a message. Corporate video production is huge in digital marketing. No longer just broadcast television, the explosion of the Internet and mobile browsing on properties like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have increased viewership and audience engagement in a way almost unimaginable.

Our team is eager to tell your company’s story in a visually creative way. We ensure your message is captured in a unique way so your audience stays connected with your content. We constantly push the boundaries of visual storytelling, creating a dynamic, exciting product for companies that strengthen their brand and conveys their message in new and engaging ways.

Social Media Has Taken Over!

Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. These numbers alone suggest that every business should incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. From an animated explainer, product launch announcement, B2B video, or a how-to series, we’ve got you covered. Social media can seem overwhelming, but our team is here to guide you and produce informative, shareworthy content in any industry.

Each company has different needs across their social media channels. We’ll tailor a video production strategy that best fits your needs and satisfies your audience’s appetite. Outstrip media has the tools and know-how to produce the right video for you!

Showcase Your Brand!

Generate buzz! Video ads are designed to promote your company, services, or product. Commercial ads should have people talking; we all have that one commercial we still recall from years back. It’s important to use humour, a special offer, or a sentimental story to stand out from the competitive world of marketing.

Ads are meant to gain the attention of your target audience in a short time and give them something to be excited about. Ideas are more effective than written ads. The digital world continues to grow, video marketing is soaring. One-third of online activity is spent watching videos.

Create Your Video!

Let’s talk about your video requirements.

Create Your Video!

Product Videos

Showcase your product or service and show your target audience how the product or service can fit into their personal or professional lives.

Food Films

Recipe development, photography & videos. We can help you create quality branded food and beverage content.

Event Videos

Event films are great for teasing information, promoting upcoming events and grabbing the attention of attendees.

Commercials & Ads

We work with our clients to understand what they do or make, who their target audience is, and how they need to be perceived.

Music Videos

Whether you’re looking to shoot an epic video or something simple, yet engaging. We will match your desired creativity level.


Our photographers can handle any business industry or personal setting you can throw at us. Our quality is unmatched.

What’s Our Process?

From concept to completion

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Creative Development

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